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22 Bizarre and Normal Funny Photos

10 Strange and Bizarre Phenomena

1. Ball Lightning

This bizarre electrical phenomenon usually occurs during thunderstorms and lasts for up to thirty seconds. Balls of lightening are said to behave in strange ways, hovering, rolling, hissing and sometimes passing through walls, in a way that seems completely unnatural. As a result, ball lightening has long been associated with aliens and ghosts, and the kind of pseudo-psychic head-cases who believe they can communicate with the other side. Thousands of people throughout history have reported seeing ball lightening, including Benjamin Franklin and my grandmother, but until recently their claims were largely ignored. However, with an increasing amount of photographic and video evidence available, scientists have now begun to take ball lightening seriously and are now attempting to recreate this entirely natural phenomenon within the confines of a laboratory.
2. Saint Elmo’s Fire

Described by scientists as a plasma phenomenon, St Elmo’s fire is caused by ionization in the atmosphere. Named for the patron saint of sailors, the phenomenon was historically witnessed emanating from the lightning conductors atop tall ships, however it can occur almost anywhere, particularly during thunderstorms. Whilst the phenomenon may appear to be flame-like when a lightening rod is it’s source, it has been more accurately described as a blue-green glow.
3. The Goat Suckers

Goat suckers, or Chupacabras, are the hypothetical creatures blamed for a recent series of cattle mutilations in South America. In the past decade hundreds of cattle have been found mutilated across Brazil alone. Often the cattle are found to have had huge amounts of blood drained from their bodies but other signs include the removal of the jaw, tongue or anus in startling similarity to cattle mutilations in the US.

The goat sucker myth began in Puerto Rico where a series of sightings during the 1970s first made headlines. At first it seemed that goats and sheep were the only item on the menu but this soon changed when the creatures were reported in Mexico two decades later and began attacking cattle. There are a number of theories explaining the sudden appearance of this critter in South America. Perhaps the most logical explanation is that their species is native to the Amazon and that deforestation has forced them to leave the rain-forest for the first time in search of food. Another popular, if somewhat unlikely explanation is that the goatsuckers are of extraterrestrial origin, owing to the fact that goat sucker attacks often coincide with UFO sightings.

Descriptions of goat suckers vary hugely and whether they actually exist is a matter of huge debate. Many say that predatory animals could be behind the rise of livestock mutilations or blame covert government experimentation, but the truth remains a mystery.
4. Spontaneous Human Combustion

This phenomenon is extremely rare and no plausible, scientific theory has yet been offered to explain how a person can suddenly burst into flames, but it would appear that some few unfortunate people have done exactly that.

Most deaths thought to be caused by spontaneous human combustion can be attributed to the “wick effect”, whereby a person’s body fat acts like candle wax, causing a person to burn in an intensely hot but extremely well contained fireball. Strangely, all that is left in most cases is the lower part of the victims legs, which contain little fat, and their feet, which are usually found to be still wearing slippers. This would seem to explain how homes are sometimes left undamaged after a victim’s body has been burned to cinders along with their favorite armchair. However, whilst the “wick effect” explains the way in which a human body might burn it offers no explanation for the cause of the fire.
5. Abduction

Whilst UFO sightings vary so widely in description that would seem to defy logic entirely, the amazing commonality between individual alien abduction stories would seem to suggest that more is at work here than a few over active imaginations. Psychologists have linked abduction stories to a deep routed fear of pregnancy in both men and women, explaining why so many self-proclaimed abductees claim to have been implanted with alien fetuses. Another well established theory behind alien abduction is that strong electromagnetic fields, perhaps occurring naturally, could cause a person to suffer an epileptic fit whilst simultaneously causing nearby electrical equipment (such as car radios) to malfunction. The person would subsequently see flashing lights before blacking out. Waking up from such an experience, the word “aliens”, would surely be the first on your lips.
6. Geo luminescence

It would seem rattling filing cabinets, burst gas pipelines and a five-star performance from Charlton Heston and Lorne Green are not the only signs that your home has been hit by an earthquake. Survivors of epic earthquakes have often reported strange flashing lights and even upward streaking bolts of lightening in the area around the epicenter of the quake. The earliest recorded example of this phenomenon was in ancient China and even a recent mini-quake in Lincolnshire, England has people talking about strange lights and the appearance of ball lightening. Scientists have theorized that these lights are the result of geo-luminescence, a phenomenon in which rocks actually produce light when exposed to extreme pressure, and that the lightening is the result of geological friction.
7. The Blood Monsoon

Between July 25 and September 23, 2001, it was reported that unusually discolored rain was falling in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The blood-red rain fell sporadically throughout the region and scientists rushed to the scene to analyze its composition. Upon further inspection it was discovered that microscopic particles present in the water, similar in appearance to human blood cells, were responsible for the discoloration.

Several explanations for the blood-rain were circulated, including the theory that a meteorite, which had struck the atmosphere shortly before the monsoon began, had collided with a flock of bats and sprayed their blood into the atmosphere. Perhaps the most ambitious theory was that of scientists Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar of the Muhatma Gandhi University in Karela. They speculated that the contaminating cells were extraterrestrial in origin and that they had been carried to Earth by a meteorite, confirming panspermia theory. The currently accepted, however, is that the contaminating particles are a type of marine algae but Louis and Kumar maintain that the cells have “unusual properties”.
8. The Taos Hum

The town of Taos, New Mexico, is the site of much scientific pondering. Residents in the town have long been perplexed by a distant hum, similar to that of a distantly idling diesel engine, the source of which has never been found. Strangely the sound has only ever been heard by around half of the people in the town and visiting scientists have failed to detect the sound with even the most sophisticated audio equipment. A similar hum in Hawaii has led some to speculate that it may be indicative of volcanic activity.
9. Foo Fighters

Before the flying saucer craze of the 1950s another strange phenomenon was the subject of huge debate for the US air force pilots of WWII. Strange balls of light were spotted flying over German airspace and the Pacific Ocean at high speed, causing frustration for both Allied and Axis pilots. Both became convinced that these “fire balls” were a type of experimental enemy aircraft. The US air force became increasingly concerned at how easily the foo fighters could outmaneuver their own aircraft. Despite never engaging in combat with aircraft the foo fighters were seen as a nuisance for the way they would ‘dance’ around and fly in close formation with US aircraft. Many pilots felt that the foo fighters were teasing them in some way. The name foo fighter came from the belief that the Japanese were responsible for this high speed taunting, although sightings continued after the conflict had ended. Cylindrical and disc shaped craft were also reported in the skies over Europe.
10. The Time Travelers

Ancient artifacts from as early as 10,000 BC have been found to show images of strange men wearing what would appear to be space suits. Sometimes alien, sometimes human, these figures are always depicted as wearing transparent helmets and can sometimes be seen to hold strange artifacts, perhaps guns or tools. Whoever these people were, are or will be, they seem to have woven their way into the cultures of ancient people across the world, appearing in cave drawings, Egyptian hieroglyphs and religious idles. Images of flying saucers, airplanes and helicopters have also been spotted on Egyptian artifacts, causing much head scratching amongst archaeologists. Was this prophecy, alien contact or will we one day develop the ability to travel through time?
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10 Most Bizarre and Strange Christmas Decorations

1. Humping Reindeer

I’m not sure this is good for the sanity of the neighborhood children. After all it is only a matter of time before they ask their parents just what the reindeers are doing. Though this will certainly cause everyone to take a second look when they walk or drive by.
2. Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

Now this is a tree that really makes sense, after all most trees either end up on the curb or back up in the attic, but now once Christmas is done, the party can really begin. It is always great to have to a reason to celebrate after the holiday season, maybe this is what they mean by the gift that keeps on giving. Though you might have to deal with a few comments about it being tacky, that is until they realize the after Christmas benefits.
3. Ditto To You Too!

Now I’ve put up Christmas decorations every year and my husband tries to put a bunch of lights up on the house but this strategy seems so much easier. Now all you have to do is live next to the crazy overachiever who spends hours putting up his lights and then create your own little expression of the holiday season. Strangely enough the guy who spent less time now get the most credit for being hilarious and creative.
4. No More Ho Ho Ho!

I’m not sure that this family is going to get any Christmas presents this year and I really hope they don’t have any children that believe in Santa Claus. I’m not sure this is a threat to ward Santa off against breaking and entering in the guise of dropping of presents or retaliation for whatever he didn’t bring the previous year.
5. Santa’s Volkswagen

Now I guess Santa felt it was time to upgrade from that old-fashioned sleigh to something a little more modern but I can’t imagine that tiny Volkswagen being the best way to carry all those presents, heck I can hardly imagine Santa easily fitting inside. I would also expect that Santa would at least have the elves make a new car something with some jets to help those poor reindeer fly.
6. Dead Reindeer

This is yet another way to terrify the kids in the neighborhood. A special added touch would be to add a big shiny red nose to make sure that everyone knows just which reindeer met his untimely end. I do like the addition of the red string lights to act as dripping blood all over the tree stump. Though I think it could use a few more lights just to draw a bit more attention.
7. Hold on Tight!

This decoration is reputedly to have caused a big stir as people risked life and limb to save the man they thought had fallen. But even so this is perhaps one of the craziest decorations and the most interesting that I have ever seen because it definitely took a great deal of planning. I also think it is one of the few light decorations that is cooler during the day rather than at night.
8. Beg Keg Tree

This is a great way to draw unwanted guests to your home. It brings attention to the fact that you either have plenty of beer kegs or it is no unusual for your house to have a beer keg or two lying around. The idea of having plenty of beer is a surefire way to have people stopping by your home at all hours. Though my first thought would be to put the lights on the house instead of creating my own structure out beer kegs for the lights.

9. Two Trees

When one tree is just not enough get two, but the great thing to do is that when your family starts getting drunk you invert one of the trees, that way they get REALLY confused. Though I really think that the decorations look better upside down anyway, the downside is that you really don’t hide the presents as well.

10. Peeing Santa

Now I really thought that Santa had more class that this. After all I mean he’s supposed to be sending an example for kids and if peeing off someone’s roof is considered good behavior. Then again I think I have a pretty good chance of being on the nice list because apparently the standards are getting really low. But you have to wonder sometimes drinking all that milk…and I really don’t think that sled is equipped with a bathroom.

16 Most Bizarre and Horrific Human Growths of All Time

What’s the worst you’ve ever felt? After seeing what the people below have suffered and gone through, you might have a whole new perspective of what’s really bad. All of these people have had some sort of abnormal growth that became ridiculous and extreme. Some have had surgery to correct these anomalies, while there is no cure or help available for others.
Man with No Face
Jose Mestre suffers from haemangioma, a condition that causes abnormalities in the capillaries and veins in his face. Blood pools in his face, which has caused him to develop a huge weeping facial tumor. He is commonly called “The Man with No Face.” He has refused medical treatment because he is a Jehovah’s Witness.
Massive Hand
The man with the largest hand in the world underwent a seven-hour surgery in Shanghai to reduce it and make it functional. Before the surgery, his left thumb was 10.2 inches long and his index finger measured close to 12 inches.
Dede The ‘Tree Man’ – Warts
This Indonesian man’s condition is the worst case scenario for those with from HPV. Of course, Dede also suffered from a genetic condition, which cause his immune system to not be able to combat the spread of this diseases’ symptoms – which in most cases are warts. Interestingly, specialists claim that his condition could have been abetted by high dosages of Vitamin B. Long-referred to as “tree man” because his resemblence to a tree, he has recently undergone a series of surgeries to remove the tree-like growths from his body, and is already on a road to recovery.
Human Werewolf
Hypertrichosis is a medical condition characterized by the excessive growth of hair on places on the body where hair usually does not grow. Congenital Hypertrichosis is extremely rare and those who suffer from it are often called human werewolves. Reminds us of Teen Wolf a little bit…

Fibroma is a skin disease involving connective-tissue new growth। It appears on the body ­as one or many pea to egg-sized or larger, soft or firm, round or flattened, painless tumors located beneath the skin. In the worst cases, these growths can cover the entire body.

Humans with Horns
Once thought to be a myth, the incidence of human being growing “horns” is now documented। These cutaneous horns, also called cornu cutaneum are actually skin lesions, which cone-shaped protuberances grow from, creating the appearance of a horn.

Massive Face Tumor
Huang Chuncai suffers from a rare genetic disorder of the nervous system called Neurofibromatosis। The disease caused the disabling growths on his face, which began when he was four years old He has had surgery to remove a 25-pound tumor and another to remove a 33-pound tumor.

Foot Growing in the Brain
Doctors say they have never seen anything like what they found inside Sam Esquibel’s head। When he was just three months old, Sam underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor that contained a tiny foot and other partially formed body parts.

Gigantic Kidney Stone
Passing a kidney stone can be excruciatingly painful। Generally if they become too large to pass, surgery is required to remove them. Surgeons in Hungary were in for a surprise when they found their patient had developed a 2.5 pound kidney stone, which was roughly the size of a coconut. Most kidney stones, at their worst, are no larger than a golf ball.

Tremendous Leg Tumor
Chen Zongtao has a tumor on his right leg that weighs 154 pounds. He has suffered with the tumor for years because he is unable to afford surgery to remove it.
Huge Neck Tumor
Huang Liqian, 58, first discovered a bizarre growth on the back of his neck in 1990। He ignored for 17 years it and it developed into a 33 pound tumor. He finally had surgery to remove it in 2007.

Spruce Tree Growing In Lung
A Russian man who was coughing up blood and complaining of chest pains was found to have this 5 centimeter spruce tree growing inside his lung। Since the tree was too large to have been accidentally inhaled, doctors believe the man must have inhaled a bud which grew inside the lung.

Baby with 16 Toes
A baby boy with 16 toes was born in China in November 2008। He also has five fingers on each hand, but does not have any thumbs. The child suffers from a genetic condition called Polydactylism, and his family says they will have the extra digits surgically removed.

People with Tails
Mostly thought to be a myth, there are stories about people who have tails। While evolution has eliminated that trait for most of us, these rare pictures show that some are still born with small tails, which are an extension of the spine.

Overwhelming Lower Lip Tumor
This 8-year-old girl from China suffers from a large tumor in her lower lip। She was born with the tumor and her family has been unable to afford the surgery to remove it.

16 Pound Face Tumor
In 2005, a Haitian teen in Miami underwent surgery to remove most of a 16-pound tumor from her face. The surgery took 16 hours and she required many follow-up reconstructive surgeries. The abnormal growth had become so large it was obstructing her airways and had to be removed in order for her to survive. The girl suffers from rare form of Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia; a nonhereditary, genetic disease that causes bone to become “like a big a bowl of jelly with some bone inside,” said Dr. Jesus Gomez of University of Miami School of Medicine.

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