Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strange and Weird Tattoo for a Man

A little too revealing
I've forgotten why I thought it was good idea.
real mans 6-pack
He looks happy

but do you think he's hiding from something?
Is he trying to tell us something?
Plumbers Tramp Stamp
Funny the first time...
What do you tell your doctor or airport security?
The One That Makes You Look Like Skeletor
On the bright side, at least he knows what his Halloween costume will be for the rest of his life.
Nice Glasses
A visitor to the International Tattoo Convention 2007
Which job were you applying for?
Monkey business
I want one of those.
Bloodbath Bullet Tattoo
Another awesome piece of inked art. The bullet shot appear to be real with blood dripping down. There are other design as you can see on the skin but bullet shots surpass all of them. With its red color and bullet hole, tattoo looks amazing. It seems as if somebody has really tried to shoot him on his heart.
The One That Makes Your Naval Look Like A Cat’s Rectum
There are bad ideas and there are really bad ideas.
Mug Shot
Nobody could identify him in the line up
15) I don't think so
% and not finished yet!
17) Obama
Matt "Fatty" Jessup, owner of Fatty's Custom Tattooz and Body Piercing, said his store is having an "Obamathan" promotion that offers customers free $60 "Obama '08" logo tattoos with purchase of another tattoo worth at least $200. Now you know why
Product placement
That explains the gut.


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