Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strange Man Without a Face


Jose Mestre has been born as a normal child with a birth mark on his upper lip. Brought up in Lisbon, Portugal, he has led a normal life until he realized that the so called “birth mark” has started to grow covering his whole face at the time of puberty. The mark was actually a symptom of ‘haemangioma’, a tumor formation due to vascular malformation caused as the blood which should be like a stream of flowing river has turned into a lake thereby leading to deformation of face and it’s features.

The tumor started growing when he was 14 and has continued to grow even more smothering his lips, nose and one of eyes.

It’s now a 40cm wide, 5kg shockingly massive tumor.

He never treated his tumor due to medical misinformation, lack of finances and religious beliefs. Doing tasks like brushing, eating or drinking is an ordeal that he faces everyday.

The tumor has blinded him in one eye and has mode the jaw so massive that he requires the effort of his hands to open and close them.

Unable to find a job or more likely people willing to offer him job, Mestre has been supported by his sister for all financial and psychological needs.

A Discovery Channel series “My Shocking Story:The Man With No Face” has tried to capture what it feels to be like Mestre with people staring, ridiculing and taking photographs as if it was some caged animal walking freely.

But now one of Britain’s leading facial surgeon has proposed to treat Mestre off his curse. Using ultrasound technique to coagulate blood before operation the doctors have tries to cure Mestre.

Meanwhile rumors have it that Mestre has dies during his operation but no source has confirmed it so far.


Stupidity and lack of education condemned this man to horrible life

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