Saturday, May 16, 2009

10 Most Diabolical Insects On Earth

If you had to choose between a chance encounter with the following insects – hissing cockroaches, blister beetles, earwigs, Jerusalem crickets, Giant Wetas and the like – which ones would be your lesser evil? And would you rather take gross or venomous? Here’s our Top Ten countdown of nature’s most diabolical insects. But be advised, if you’re the jumpy kind, proceed at your own risk…

Insects are the most diverse group of animals on the planet, with species of common insects like bees, wasps, true bugs, moths and beetles ranging in the tens or hundreds of thousands. Given this diversity, picking only ten of the most “diabolical” was not an easy feat. And considering the fact that these insects make up just one million classified insects (more than half of all known organisms) of six to ten million still waiting to be discovered, undoubtedly there are more diabolical ones still lurking somewhere. But for now, read on for the known ones.

10. Cockroaches
Giant hissing cockroach on the hand (would you dare?)
9. Potato Bugs

8. Earwigs
7. Giant Wetas

6. Titan Beetles

5. Foam Grasshoppers

4. Blister Beetles

3. Mutillidaes

2. Mosquitos

1. Centipedes


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