Tuesday, April 28, 2009

12 Strange and Bizarre Fountains

While collecting the pictures for a post about strange sculptures I discovered some very bizarre and odd looking fountains from around the world.
1. Mermaid milking herself, Bologna, Italy

2. Giant Tap, location uknown

3. Women under Umbrella, location unknown

4. Boy urinating on a Frog, Kansas City, MO, USA

5. Blood Fountain, Swansea, Wales, UK

6. Jeanneke Pis, Brussels, Belgium

7. Manneken Pis, Brussels, Belgium

8. Child and the Swan, Ribe, Denmark

9. Ehekaursell or Marriage Merry-go-round, Nuremberg, Germany

10. Give me that water! Prague, Cech

11. Spitting frog, Columbia, MD, USA

12. Vomiting Fountain Sculpture, London, UK


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