Monday, September 21, 2009

Demand for Amazing 'Spider-Man' lizard soars

Demand for a striking blue and red lizard has surged among comic fans thanks to its uncanny resemblance to Spiderman.

Pet shops specialising in exotic animals have reported a surge in popularity for the Mwanza Flat Headed Agama lizard, which is native to Africa.

Karen Baker, of amphibian and reptile specialist store, said that the lizards, which live for up to 15 years, had currently sold out.
She said: 'People are drawn to them because of their unusual colourings.

'These lizards usually live in groups with one dominant male who is usually the most colourful.

'We should have another batch of these lizards available in October, the demand just keeps going up and up।
Demand for the unusual pet soared after photographer Roy Daines captured an image of the lizard while on holiday in Kenya.

He said: 'I was relaxing around the lodge pool, when the lizard appeared out from behind a wall surrounding the terrace I was bathing on.

'I was absolutely fascinated by him, I have never seen anything like it before.
'His colourings were very bright making him look like he was dressed in a suit - crawling around on the rock made him look exactly like Spider-Man.'

Rich Nunn, of Nostalgia and Comics in Birmingham said that the resemblance to the Marvel superhero was amazing.

He said: 'The colouring is unbelievably similar, especially in the chest arms and legs.

'I am sure there would be lots of comic fans who would want a lizard like this, because it looks so much like Spider-Man.'


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