Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bizarre Pictured: Lulu, the pint-sized chihuahua who is just four inches long

A micro-chihuahua with a big personality is turning heads as one of the world's smallest dogs - measuring up at just four inches long.

When tiny pup Lulu was born along with her sister and two brothers three months ago, her owner Jean Tindall, 76, didn't think there was anything remarkable about her.

But as the weeks passed pensioner Jean, who has bred chihuahuas for five years, noticed Lulu was not growing like her siblings - in fact, she was not growing at all.
Grandmother-of-two Jean, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said: 'I didn't think anything of it when her mum gave birth to the litter, she looked the same size as all the others.

'But puppies grow quickly and I soon realised that her brothers and sisters were all overtaking her.

'I don't want to sell her because she will need so much extra care and attention being so small.

'She is so tiny, she's only four inches. She can fit in my hand she's so tiny. You can't believe she's out of the same litter because the rest are twice as big as her.'
Jean, who named Lulu after the pint sized Scottish songstress, said the petite pooch - part of the smallest breed of dog in the world - makes up for her lack of size with a giant personality.

The mum-of-two, added: 'She sleeps all day long on a hot water bottle I give her to keep her warm then when I'm ready for bed she wakes up and runs rings around me. I can barely keep up.

'Even though she's small she's got so much love to give and is a little bundle of joy.

'She hasn't developed a bark yet but when she does I'm sure it'll be as loud as a normal-sized dog.'
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