Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wonderful Black-and-white Portraits of the People at the Margins

The excellent black-and-white photos made by Dr. Vaggelis Fragiadakis, amateur photographer and professional mathematician. He was born in Greece, on the island of Crete, where he lived in the Mediterranean environment, but very poor. After completing his University of Athens, he decided to leave Greece and go into the unknown. After much difficulty he found himself in the U.S., where he lives and works today. From his native Greece he took a Mediterranean spirit and understanding for the poor and older people. His love for art and the world that surrounds him, he tried to focus on the photography, for which definitely has talent. He is fascinated by the portraits of old wrinkled people, anguished by hard work and life. Traveling around the world, Fragiadakis photograph these people on the streets in various situations, primarily, immerse oneself in their character, supporting each person’s individuality and placing human dignity above everything. For him they are not statistics, but someone who has his soul and his character, and who wears his life on his face. He likes people who everyone else avoided, and with black-and-white photo he succeed to highlight what is important for him: the shadows, brightness, contrast, wrinkles, texture of clothing… It is currently actively involved in helping the homeless, as well as education of youth. And his life motto reads: You work hard, and if you can, give your contribution to the world! It’s wonderful, is not it?


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