Monday, October 4, 2010

Bizarre 88-Year-Old Cottage Made Of Newspapers

What began as a hobby, turned into a serious project for Elis Stenmen that in 1922. began to build a cottage of newspapers.

The American engineer, inventor of machines for making paper clips, he wanted to test the durability of paper and see how this is a good insulator.
Stenmen is using glue and old newspapers that he received from friends and neighbors not only made house, he made also and complete furniture, including piano.
It took more than 100,000 newspapers to a house whose walls and roof of smeared paint to protect them from rainfall. In places where the nail fell off can be seen titles and parts of old messages almost a century, quoted by local media.
For two years he worked on building his own “paper” cottages, and she withstood the ravages of time and after 88 years.


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